Spring Style! September 16 2015

Spring 2015 sees a fresh new range of trends in wallpaper design! Two strong looks include Floral Design and Textured Plains. These two looks can be used in combination together or separately to create some very creative looks!


Floral Design:

Flowers and botanical motifs of any size, shape or colour are in! Fantastic to see a range of design styles on offer too; hinting at various eras from classical, retro, or contemporary. There are more saturated hues on offer than last year for the more daring wallpaper enthusiasts!



Textured Plains:

Plain textured wallpaper mimicking nature is a strong yet subtle look at the moment; wallpaper hinting at woven textiles, concrete or stone. The essence of nature in Interior Design is also on trend so this style of wallpaper will fit in well in any contemporary interior. A plain textured wallpaper allows bold patterns in curtains or furnishings to gain eye catching attention. 



It is important to consider how best to use these looks with your own interiors. One suggestion would be to create a stunning feature wall of a floral print and then use a plain textured wallpaper for the remaining walls. In terms of selecting colours it’s generally a good idea to bring out a colour from the feature wall for the plain textured wallpaper. Consider the style of your house as to which Wallpaper design era you choose from. Due to the huge range of wallpaper on offer at Wallpaper Trends you can be very inventive with colours and combinations.


If you need some help selecting wallpaper or advice on what would be most suitable for your interiors, please contact us as we would love to help!